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Editorial Library Category: General Business | Dental | General Dentistry Topics: Dental, Clear Braces Title: Clear Braces Author: newsLINK Staff Synopsis: Clear braces have several advantages and disadvantages. Editorial: Clear Braces 4064 South Highland Drive, Millcreek, Utah 84124 │ │ (v) 801.676.9722 │ (tf) 855.747.4003 │ (f) 801.742.5803 Editorial Library | © The newsLINK Group LLC 1 Clear braces have several advantages and disadvantages. Advantages Clear braces are removable. Patients can literally put them on and take them off at their own convenience. Dental hygiene is easier when you wear clear braces because you take them out while you eat, drink, brush, floss, and use mouthwash. As a result, it is much easier to keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy than it would be if you were wearing traditional braces. People don’t think much about seeing someone who is a child or teenager with braces; it’s an expected rite of passage. For someone who is a little older, however, the thought of wearing braces may feel uncomfortable. In particular, many patients are self-conscious about wearing braces if they are frequently in public or if their lives involve teaching or public speaking. Clear braces are harder to see, and will change your appearance less than traditional braces. Someone who is wearing clear braces can do so with the increased confidence that comes from knowing that the braces are not obvious. Clear braces are best suited to situations where the amount of dental work to be done is small. It works better with crowded teeth than it does for teeth that are spaced too far apart. Since clear braces are best suited to situations where only a small amount of work needs to be done, the treatment with clear braces is usually faster than it is for traditional braces. Traditional braces can typically take two to three years, but treatment with clear braces is usually much shorter: six months to 1.5 years. Disadvantages Although it is convenient to be able to remove your clear braces, that doesn’t mean you can have them out of your mouth all the time. Orthodontists typically advise their patients to wear clear braces at least 16 to 20 hours each day. Otherwise, the braces are not consistently on your teeth long enough to actually move them. You may have difficulty removing and replacing the braces. Most people find it to be an easy process, but if you don’t, you may need to have the orthodontist put them back on again for you. Clear braces are not a good choice for everyone. For example, they are not a good choice if your mouth is extremely crowded, has poor spacing, or if your bite needs correction. Clear braces are more expensive than traditional metal ones. This may not be a problem if you are older than the traditional orthodontics patient, can afford the extra cost, and value the cosmetic benefits of braces that don’t change your appearance. Conclusion Talk with your orthodontist to decide whether clear braces are an option in your case. Each person’s situation is different and needs to be decided on an individual basis. If you are a candidate for clear braces, however, you will find that they offer a great method for correcting your teeth. Sources: Information in an email sent to me by Diane. “How to Decide between Invisalign and Braces,” by dragonmaki, no date invisalign-braces.html Word Count: 494 Copyscape Clear Date: 12.15.2014