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Editorial Library Category: Banking & Finance Topics: Banking Services, Digital Estate Planning Title: A Digital Legacy: What to Expect, How to Prepare Author: newsLINK Staff Synopsis: Everyone knows it’s a good idea to have a will; in this modern digital age, though, it has also become increasingly necessary to have a plan for handling digital estates after someone has died. Editorial: A Digital Legacy: What to Expect, How to Prepare 4064 South Highland Drive, Millcreek, Utah 84124 │ │ (v) 801.676.9722 │ (tf) 855.747.4003 │ (f) 801.742.5803 Editorial Library | © The newsLINK Group LLC 3 Bankers should encourage their customers to include them in digital-estate plans, just as banking customers would when making other important final plans about their life and legacy. Sources:,8599,1932803 ,00.html,9171,192029 5,00.html releases/2012/04/17/entrustet/ releases/2012/07/17/lifeensured/ family-after-you-die family-after-you-die ---a-revoluti_b_291536.html Digital Life After Death: America One Step Ahead,” along with other information copied from other sources, sent to me by Sophie. company-entrustet-sold-to-swiss- competitor/article_caa767c8-88c9-11e1-97f6- 0019bb2963f4.html Word Count: 1,379 Copyscape Clear Date: 08.28.2013