Content Marketing


If you want to give association members something they are going to value, make content an important part of your strategy.

This is not a new idea.

Associations with the resources to create cohesive, educational, and unbiased content that reflects the needs of its members are already indispensable. However, the way that associations distribute that content is shifting and will probably continue to shift. That makes it necessary for associations to figure out new ways to develop and distribute fresh content that will appeal to their members.

What kind of content do members want?
They want anything that will help them be more effective at whatever it is they do. Joe Pulizzi, who founded the Content Marketing Institute, explains the idea really well: “Never feed salad to a lion.” Create some meat for your lions and give it to them.

Content Cover


Content is king, it always has been and always will be. Content is why users visit your site, read your magazines and newsletters, and follow you on social media. Content is the single most important aspect of engagement with your members. Read our guide to content creation and curation. It's free.

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