"UNA Nonprofit Insight is the official publication for Utah Nonprofits Association (UNA). UNA is the organization dedicaated to unifying, strengthening and elevating Utah's nonprofits. UNA provides its members and partners the opportunity to engage in meaningful and dynamic relationships. UNA connects nonprofits and communities in the delivery of nonprofit programs and services, and is the portal for nonprofit expertise, education, information and benefits within the local nonprofit industry. UNA Nonprofit Insight serves as one of the association's highest standards and reinforces the organization's sterling professional image and thought leadership."

- Kate Rubalcava

President, UNA

The Scoop!

Utah Nonprofits Association serves the membership and prospective members of the organization, which is comprised of nonprofit organizations across Utah. Utah's nonprofits employ almost 5.5% of Utah's workforce, and as of 2011 (the last year for which statistics are available) Utah's nonprofits generated $8 billion in annual revenues and held assets of $14 billion. UNA Nonprofit Insight readers are industry professionals representing organizations that fit every size, shape, and description. Close to 780 nonprofits and their staff have been members of the UNA for over 20 years.
UNA Nonprofit Insight is published twice per year, in the spring and fall. Copies of UNA Nonprofit Insight are printed and mailed to all members of UNA, and is available as a hand-out at major events and training seminars, while supplies last. UNA Nonprofit Insight is also available in an electronic version.

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Issue 2 2017Read now »

Rethinking Volunteer Engagement

  • CEO's Message
  • Your Personal Ripple Effect Can Change Everything
  • Are You Guilty Of Fakequity? If so, What To Do About It
  • Utahns Against Hunger
  • Q & A With Gina
  • It All Beings and Ends With Mission
  • Importance Of Background Checks For Employees and Volunteers
  • What Is Capacity Building?
  • Ethical Fundraising
  • Internal Controls For Nonprofits
  • UNA's Nonprofit Organizational Program Helps Nonprofits Find Their Way