April 2018

Continued on Page 2 Members Can Pay Their Annual Membership Dues ONLINE!!! Just Go To: www.nescpa.org/dues.php The Society’s 2018 CPE Catalog and Member Resource Guide is enclosed with this newsletter. This is the 13th Edition of the Society’s popular annu- al publication that is distributed every April prior to the beginning of the Socie- ty’s annual schedule of continuing pro- fessional education (CPE) courses that will be held statewide. “The Society’s leadership is again proud to publish the new Catalog/Guide and make it available to the membership and others interested in the Society’s many programs and services. Most of the credit for the 2018 Catalog/Guide goes to Society Vice President Kelly Ebert whose scheduling and organiza- tional skills have produced and pub- lished a high quality membership publi- cation. She also received extensive proofing help from Society staff mem- bers Lori Vodicka and Malia Saale. The Society staff welcomes any and all of your comments about this popular Soci- ety publication. We hope you enjoy the Catalog and find it useful,” Dan Vodvar- ka, Society President, said. The Resource Guide portion of the publication contains a wealth of infor- mation about the Society’s history, staff, committees, leadership, and awards. It also provides valuable information about Society’s member benefits and the Soci- Continued on Page 6 The Institute of Chartered Account- ants of Scotland (ICAS), a professional body for accountants which is headquar- tered in the United Kingdom (UK), the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the world’s largest member association representing the CPA profession, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), a forum for the 55 U.S. Boards of Accountancy which license more than 650,000 U.S. CPAs, have signed an agreement, on February 28, 2018 which will provide a stream- lined process for accounting profession- als to practice in the other country. The Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) provides a clear route for ICAS members to achieve the U.S. CPA and licensure, and U.S. Certified Public Ac- countants to attain the CA designation and be on the pathway to UK audit sign- ing rights. Leadership of the three organizations took part in a signing ceremony for the MRA in New York City. Anton Colella, ICAS CEO comment- ed, “This is an historic agreement. It’s the first of its kind between a UK Char- tered Accountancy body and American accountancy bodies, and comes at a piv- otal point for the UK.” “It not only creates new opportuni- ties in the world of transatlantic trade, but also reinforces the high standing in which we hold our American col- leagues, and the expertise they value in us.” “We welcome the mutual recognition that is at the heart of this agreement,” said AICPA President and CEO Barry C. Melancon, CPA, CGMA. “It will give U.S. CPAs a clear and accelerated path to obtaining a credential in the United Kingdom. And the same is true of ICAS members with an interest in practicing in the United States.” “Agreements like this come to frui- tion through the dedication of the re- spective accounting bodies, the diligence of member volunteers who serve on the International Qualifications Appraisal Board, and the commitment of NASBA and the state boards it represents. To- gether, we are building increased inter- national recognition for U.S. CPAs in every corner of the world.” “It is remarkable that it has taken decades to reach this historic agreement positively impacting the accounting pro- fessions of the United States and Scot- land. I applaud the tremendous effort and perseverance of the staff and volun-