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When it comes to recruiting and retaining members best resources: they pump up their association committees, update their websites, and capitalize on their trade journals – all of which put valuable information right at their members' fingertips.

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Content is king, it always has been and always will be. Content is why users visit your site, read your magazines and newsletters, and follow you on social media. Content is the single most important aspect of engagement with your members. Read our guide to content creation and curation. It's free.

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Are associations obsolete? Some of them might be, but they don't have to be. However, the best associations will have to change the way they do business, and the way they market themselves, if they want to stay relevant. Successful branding is a large part of that marketing process because when it is done well it accomplishes the following: …

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Websites increasingly act as one of the main interfaces between the association and its members.As a result, goal one should always be making the website as valuable as possible for members who access it. That strategy can help you stay relevant to association members as you put emerging best practices to work in order to make sure it is easy for members to use.

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goldfish presentation

< Goldfish Presentation >

The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is 9 seconds, but according to a study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after 8 seconds, highlighting the effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.

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