Paving the Future

    The Asphalt Pavement Alliance Papers

    High Performance Intersections

    Learn how sturdy new asphalt mixes are perfectly suited for intersections and other applications with heavy truck traffic, stopping, turning and other stresses.
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    Pavement Type Selection

    Separate fact from fiction in this detailed white paper directed at engineers, designers, public works officials and others who want the straight scoop on choosing the right kind of pavement.
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    Perpetual Asphalt Pavements

    Roadways that last for 30 or 40 years or more? Read about Long-life (perpetual) asphalt pavements in this informative booklet.
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    Asphalt In Livable Communities

    There are many different ways that asphalt contributes to the quality of life in our communities.
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    Smoothness Matters

    Does pavement smoothness matter? Absolutely! Learn about how pavement smoothness is viewed by motorists, and its impact on pavement life and fuel economy.
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    Cleaner Water With Asphalt

    For improved storm water management, clean drinking water and reduced roadside pollution, asphalt pavements are clean and environmentally beneficial.
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    Asphalt Pavement Industry Jobs

    A very informative publication to educate elected officials and others about the importance of infrastructure funding to our economy and quality of life.
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    America Rides On Us

    Asphalt has always been and continues to be the pavement of choice for America. At present, 94 percent of the roads in America are surfaced with asphalt and for those who know the benefits of asphalt, there is no substitute.
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    Carbon Footprint

    A clear-eyed analysis of asphalt as it relates to calculating carbon footprint
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    Life Cycle Cost Analysis

    The new APA Document covers all the most important concepts, such as net present value, discount rates, salvage value, maintenance costs, and predicted performance life.
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