Paving the Future


    UAPA is the only trade association that exclusively represents the interests of the asphalt pavement material producer and paving contractor on a local level with Congress, government agencies, and other trade and business organizations. If you are not a member, and work in the asphalt pavement industry in Utah, we hope you will consider joining.


    Dues: $ 0.0475 / Ton / Year

    Membership Application


    Dues: $ 11,000 / Year

    Membership Application

    Associate Members

    Associate: $ 1,100 / Year
    • Contractors, Equipment Suppliers (Major) (Pavers, Rollers, Plants)
    • Aggregate Suppliers, Emulsion Suppliers, Subcontractors (Mill, Truck)
    • Consulting Engineering Firms with Lab

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    Affiliate Members

    Governmental Agencies:
    • Agency whose population is under 25,000 persons $ 200 / Year
    • Agency whose population is over 25,000 persons $ 350 / Year
    All other Affiliates:
    $ 500 / Year
    • Insurance / Bonding
    • Equipment Suppliers (Minor) (Testing Equipment, Etc.)
    • Additive Suppliers
    • Consulting Engineering Firms without Lab

    Membership Application

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