"West Virginia Banker assembles innovative banking and events which pertain to both West Virginia and the national banking community. Each issue explores updates from Washington, pertinent banking news and methodology, and messages from the association's leaders. With up-to-date banking stories and helpful tips, West Virginia Banker proves itself a resource for the fast-paced industry in West Virginia."

-Sally Cline

President & CEO

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West Virginia Banker is the official publication of the West Virginia Bankers Association and represents the interests of the banking industry and keeps a close connection with the association's members. Published quarterly with a circulation of over 750 each issue, West Virginia Banker's readership crosses nearly every vendor category within the industry. West Virginia Banker is also available in an electronic version.

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How to Accurately Conduct A Profitability Analysis

  • A Message from the Chief Executive
  • Vendor Management Events Over the Past Year Continues to Emphasize Its Importance
  • Relief for Community Banks in the Competition for Deposits
  • LIBOR to SOFR – Making a Successful Transition
  • Surf’s Up: How to Ride the FinTech Wave Rather Than Be Swept Over
  • In or out of Control: Federal Reserve Issues Proposed Regulation on Controlling Influence Test
  • A Refresher on the Sale of Tax Liens in West Virginia: Part Three
  • Building Bankers Since 1944
  • Calendar of Events