UtahPhysician - February/March 2019

Specialists in Financial Planning for Physicians. No one knows the financial needs of physicians like UMA Financial Services. Established 20 years ago to help physicians achieve their personal financial goals, UMAFS is one of the most valuable benefits of your membership in the Utah Medical Association. UMAFS has helped a number of physicians achieve their goals. We can help you too. Take the next step and schedule your no-cost financial check-up today. UMAFS SERVICES • Investment mAnAGement • RetIRement PlAnnInG • RetIRement Income stRAteGIes • colleGe FundInG • InsuRAnce PlAnnInG • estAte PReseRvAtIon c A l l 8 01 - 747- 0 8 0 0 o R v I s I t o n l I n e At u m a f s . o r g