Utah Physician - December/January 2018

PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SALT LAKE CITY, UT PERMIT NO. 508 310 E. 4500 S. Suite 500 Salt Lake City, UT 84107 THIS MAGAZINE IS DESIGNED AND PUBLISHED BY THE NEWSLINK GROUP LLC 855.747.4003 For doctors and health care providers everywhere, we study medical claims. We watch the industry for change and jump in to learn all we can. Why? So we can play an active role in helping you manage the ever-evolving world of health care. So we know every possible way we can defend you in the event of a claim. MMIC Because of you. Because you help them get back on their feet, every day. At UMIA, we make it our practice to pr t ct your pr ctice. That’s why we’ve built a responsive team of experts—to help you minimize clinical risks, stay current in the ever-changing health care industry, and keep your practice thriving. And, in the event of a claim, we’re here for you. Because you’re here for them, every day. Insurance & Risk Solutions | UMIA.com © 2018 UMIA Insurance, Inc.