On The Road - Issue 1 2018

CONTENTS 2 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE 4 GETTING TO KNOW, OUTGOING PRESIDENT, WAYLUND LUDLOW 8 GETTING TO KNOW INCOMING PRESIDENT, SCOTT FERNALD 12 WARM MIX ASPHALT 16 Q&A WITH TERI NEWELL, P.E., UDOT’S DEPUTY DIRECTOR 19 GEARED FOR SUCCESS: 2018 CONVENTION RECAP 20 SPONSORS 21 AWARDS AND HONORS 23 SPEAKERS 24 CONVENTION RECAP 28 LARGE ASPHALT PROJECT OF THE YEAR 29 SMALL ASPHALT PROJECT OF THE YEAR 30 REASONS TO JOIN AN ASSOCIATION 12 ISSUE 1 2018 Utah Asphalt Pavement Association (UAPA) |The newsLINK Group, LLC. All rights reserved. On the Road is published four times each year by The newsLINK Group, LLC for UAPA and is the official publication for the association. The information contained inthispublication is intendedtoprovidegeneral information forreview and consideration. The contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be reliedonassuch. Ifyouneed legaladviceorassistance, it isstronglyrecommended that you contact an attorney as to your specific circumstances. The statements andopinionsexpressed in thispublicationare thoseof the individualauthorsand do not necessarily represent the views of the association, its board of directors, or the publisher. Likewise, the appearance of advertisements within this publication doesnotconstituteanendorsementorrecommendationofanyproductorservice advertised.OntheRoad isacollectiveworkandassuchsomearticlesaresubmitted by authors that are independent of UAPA. While UAPA encourages a first print policy, in cases where this is not possible, every effort has been made to comply withanyknownreprintguidelinesorrestrictions.Contentmaynotbereproducedor reprintedwithoutpriorwrittenpermission.For further information,pleasecontact the publisher at 855-747-4003. OUR NEW OFFICES 10808 SOUTH RIVER FRONT PARKWAY, SUITE 368 SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH 84095 30 19 PAVING THE FUTURE 1