"With growth comes the need for communication. We are doing wonderful things to professionally support our members, and the level of educational offerings are exceptional. To that end, I am excited to add our new association magazine, On the Road, to the mix. Our goal with this publication is to communicate our events, local news and updates to our membership in yet another way, as well as to introduce our association to potential members, and also to remind our existing members that our association has a lot to offer to its members. We encourage all of you to get involved. I think your experience in any organization, UAPA included, is that you get out what you put in."

- Scott Fernald

UAPA President

The Scoop!

On The Road serves the membership and prospective members of UAPA. On The Road is published quarterly with a circulation of roughly 600 each issue.

The asphalt pavement industry is made up of asphalt plant managers, administrators, road crews, researchers, and an army of support personnel – all of whom play critical roles in building and maintaining the roads we use every day. Jobs in the asphalt pavement industry are not limited to road work. Many civil engineers, technologists, and researchers with advanced degrees are necessary to ensure the quality and safety of our road system. Our readers represent companies of all sizes within the local asphalt industry, and are professionals that continuously update their education within the industry through training opportunities and other resources that can help them improve their performance, increase business for their respective companies, and compete in the marketplace.

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Issue 1 2019Read now »

Skilled Workers

  • Executive Director’s Message
  • Special Thanks to our 2019 Sponsors Utah Asphalt Conference
  • Congratulations to our 2019 Hall of Fame Inductee: Larry Brown
  • Maximizing Your Experience at a Conference
  • Introducing the UAPA Scholarship Program
  • Infrastructure
  • Why the U.S. Needs Skilled Construction Workers
  • How Asphalt Plants Affect the Environment
  • Construction as a Career
  • Member Profile-Doubled Distribution