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me at CHUCK E. CHEESE’S, and I am sitting in a teeny tiny car

that is obviously too small for me, and Hope wanted to ride it over

and over again. I intentionally had my husband take a picture of me

looking annoyed and posted it. It did so, so, so well. However, one

young lady had posted that, ‘I could at least pretend to enjoy being

with my daughter and what she wouldn’t give to have one more day

with her daughter.’ OH….What a sinking feeling I had. I immediately

contacted her, ‘Dear Mrs. Steele… I am so sorry….’ It turned out that

her daughter Alexis had passed away only a few years ago at the age of

nine from Leukemia. Long story short, I told her that I had thought

about raising money for LLS, and now it was a must. I was going to

run for Woman of the Year and it was Alexis that would guide me,

and if I would raise $50,000 I would be able to name a research grant

after her. I was skeptical I could get to $50,000 but I wanted to do

it.… Several meetings later and a tour of Alexis’s room, they were on

board. This was for Alexis Steele. I never dreamed I would be able to

hit over $234,000.… Never. However, it is the amazing friends and

family I have, my husband Jason Thompson, the partners Ancira has,

the amazing community and generous hearts that reside in SanAntonio

AND with TADA and SAADA’s help that Alexis and I were able to

achieve something so awesome. At $234,000, my dealer competitors

were even at my fundraisers, manufacture reps attended, and it was a

beautiful thing to see. I have to say this… the management TEAM

at ANCIRA was STELLAR. Not only did they donate LARGE

amounts of their own checks but they wanted to know how they could

support any and all of the fundraising events or ideas I had. Without

our TEAMat ANCIRA as whole at ANCIRA, NONE of this would

be possible. NONE. I owe them every thanks.

So, while I thought I would take next year off, it appears the oppor-

tunities to help are still there, and I can’t help it. Next year I will be

chairing the Go Red for Women Heart Luncheon, in 2018 – Family

Service, in 2019 – Cystic Fibrosis Tower Run, and 2020 - UTSA

Great Conversations.

I want people to pick up the phone when I call. So when I was raising

money for Salvation Army, I realized that I could only ask people to

support a cause one time a year. Everyone knows I will show up at

their door once a year and only once so they can answer my emails

and calls, because I respect that I am one of a million asks, and it has

resulted in increases and participation year after year. It’s incredible.

While I love work and family because they are almost one and the same

considering my husband works at Ancira, my Dad is the boss, and my

kids are in the commercials, I have plenty of crazy extracurriculars. I

have a pilot’s license, have done standup comedy, won a local Danc-

ing with the Stars competition, and while I have done plenty of races,

I just finished two 140.6 mile IRONMAN races in 2.5 months. My

next goal is to sing the National Anthem at a Spurs Game, and only

because I have been told I am terrible.This goal seems to be eludingme.