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Put Portfolio to the test.

Take the appointment when we call.

The whole pie of reinsurance programs.

Portfolio dealers get it all.

By definition participation in the profits means some is

yours and some is theirs. How much is theirs is often

hidden in the fine print, of course.

Go beyond and get it all. A true 100% of the underwriting

profits and investment income go into our dealers’

reinsurance companies as a source of personal wealth

and business capital.

We call this

true 100% ownership

, and this principle

governs all our policies and practices.

We call them the dealer’s

Rights of Ownership.


the act of taking part

Beyond Profit Participation

No other program matches up across the board

in delivering so many profitable benefits to dealership

owners like you


You deserve Portfolio Rights of Ownership:

• Generous loan policies to access unearned premium

• Tie-back to your dealership for service contract repairs

• Custom product solutions tailored to your dealership

• True investment control and choice

• Weekly funding to to your brokerage account

• Easy to understand financial reports

• Fully disclosed fees and transparent agreements

• No hooks that take your money

Go beyond participation

and get what you deserve.

Dealership owners are invited to call

Sean Moore, Managing Director

mobile: 214.674.0008

office: 214.987.9317

2014-15 Diamond Award Winner

for Reinsurance

Dealers’ Choice Awards

Top Award Winner Every Year