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FALL 2016

©2014 T

Safety and Dividends

Go Together Like

Drivers and Roads


How can safety drive your dividend? Ask your agent or

Brad Wicker at (325) 437-0667 or


We’re helping auto dealers rev up their bottom line with

group and individual dividends for companies who keep

their people safe. Plus, as a member of the

Lone Star

Auto Dealers Safety Group

, you may receive a greater

discount on your workers’ comp premium. We’re helping

our policyholder owners be safer and stronger—and we

think you’ll find it very rewarding.

©2016 Texas Mutual Insurance Company

While we can’t guarantee dividends every year, Texas Mutual has returned

more than $2 billion to safety-conscious policyholder owners since 1999.

“We’ve got your roofing needs covered.”

– Christa Weatherby

We’re Helping Our Customers Save Money!

D&G offers some of the best

warranties in the industry.

Seamless system reduces your ongoing maintenance cost.

There is no tear off or disposal of old roofing materials.

50 yr manufacturing warranty and a 5 yr labor from DGQ.

Limited disruption to your business.

Will not chalk, degrade or haze from UV exposure.

Roof expands and contracts with temperature swings.

30 to 50 percent cost reduction compared to roof replacement.

Energy savings from 15 to 20 percent.

Below are benefits to using the silicone coating.