The Nebreaska CPA - October 2018

3 Board Retreat & Meeting (continued from page 2) term beginning in November 2018, and that Marcy J. Luth of Grand Island be reappointed to a four-year term on the State Board beginning in September 2018.  Voted to support proposed legislation for consideration during the 2019 Legislative Session that would allow the use of ESOPs by CPA firms.  Directed President Sundquist to take further action in order to seek a legislative solution to the Internal Revenue Code Section 199A QBI deduction issue.  Reviewed a Strategic Initiatives 2018 Update from President Sundquist, including a proposal to establish a new Society Leadership Program.  Approved the purchase of Custom Data Systems Inc.’s (CDS) cloud-based AM.Net database solution and CDS’ Cloud Hosting Service to replace the Society’s Microsoft Access database.  Chairman Parker thanked Immediate Past Chairman Michelle Thornburg of Omaha and Secretary Chris Lindner of Lincoln for their outstanding years of service as they completed their elected terms on the Board of Directors at the meeting. The next Society Board meeting is scheduled for November 6 at the Embassy Suites Conference Center in La Vista during the Society’s 2018 Annual Meeting and Fall CPE Conference. 