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2014-2015 KBA Officers from left to right are KBA President Chuck Stones; KBA Past Chairman Leonard Wolfe, United Bank & Trust, Marysville; KBA Chairman

Kelly Mason, First National Bank in Pratt, Pratt; KBA Chairman-elect Robert Leftwich, Impact Bank, Wellington; and KBA Treasurer Ron Johnson, Community

National Bank, Seneca.




Forum/Annual Meeting marked the 30th year at

the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO.

The extraordinary views and perfect summer

temperatures provided for a true retreat while

expanding on hot topics and top leadership education.

When Bob Mazur, this year’s CEO Forum keynote speaker,

talks about the underworld, he knows of what he speaks. Bob

spent 27 years as a high-level government agent, 20 of those

years working international drug trafficking and 5 years spent

undercover. While working undercover, he said there were

over 250 people working with him and his partner and it was

that group who were able to keep them alive. “I didn’t do

anything great. I just got lucky,” he said. His book (and soon

to be movie), “The Infiltrator” tells his unbelievable story.

He spoke of the unimaginable volume of drugs and money

that are trafficked and laundered still today. In 2012 the

government seized over $1 billion in drug money while the

drug trade generated over $400 billion in drug money. Yes,

you read that right. The government seized over $1 billion

in drug money which amounted to only 1/4 of 1% of the

actual drug money generated. When Bob removed himself

from this job, his life was immediately threatened. He and

his family moved to another country and went underground

for a number of years. Though he still lives in fear for his

life and that of his family, he is telling his story to try and

bring some attention to this very real problem. He believes

we have the ability to curtail the problem, but he says it won’t

happen until federal, regulatory and law enforcement agencies

decide to communicate and collaborate with one another more

effectively. “We have the ability to track bulk cash movements

which would allow us to catch the very biggest launderers

every year,” said Mazur, “it’s up to us.” “The Infiltrator”

definitely infiltrated the minds of many bankers and opened

their eyes to a very scary and very real problem.