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June 16

Hays, Robbins Center

June 23

Abilene, Convention Center

June 17

Dodge City, Convention Center

June 24

Chanute, Alliance Room

June 18

Wichita, DoubleTree by Hilton

June 25

Lawrence, Holiday Inn

This evening program will cover three of the big compliance issues that face your frontline. First, we will address some

of the legal aspects of checks covered in the UCC 3 & 4 - stop payments, death issues, endorsements and more. Second,

we will look at checks and holds and the reasons for placing a hold. Third, we will examine the “hot spots” on the Cur-

rency Transactions Report (CTR) and common errors and misunderstandings of the report. In addition, we will cover

robbery and security procedures to help you and your customers to stay safe in the event of a robbery.

What you will learn:


Endorsements, stop payments, post dated, stale dated and other legal aspects of checks

- Regulation CC holds: How to place them and when to place holds on checks

- Substitute checks and remotely created items

- Common issues on Currency Transaction Reports

- Security procedures

- Counterfeit money features to look for

- And more!

This information packed evening will complete annual training requirements for Reg. CC, CTRs, and security training.

Educational Resources 785-232-3444