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January/February 2013
as important as managing any of the other risks we deal
with in-house every day. The Arizona Bankers Associa-
tion understands this very well. In 2012 our bankers met
often with members of our congressional delegation, both
here in Arizona and in Washington. Our bankers were
also a pervasive presence at the Arizona Capitol last
year, largely – and successfully – playing defense.
Our efforts will continue well into the future. We will
make at least three trips to Washington this year to con-
nect with regulators and members of Congress. We will
also visit our congressmen during session breaks here
in Arizona. And we will continue to visit our state and
local policy makers to educate them on economic and
banking issues.
I encourage all bankers to join us in this essential risk-
management endeavor. Government relations is not a
spectator sport. It requires all of our participation in a
three-dimensional fashion. We need to work the phones
and e-mails, as well as the hallways. We need to be
involved in the campaigns of candidates that support the
vital role our industry plays in the economy. Finally, we
need to oppose those candidates that think it’s appropri-
ate to use our industry as a political football game to
further their own aspirations.
Our first trip to Washington is in mid-February, fol-
lowed by at least one trip in mid-April and one in the
fall. If you are interested please get in touch with the
Arizona Bankers Association so that we can get you the
details. Advocacy here in Arizona is equally important
and we welcome your involvement with our efforts at the
state capitol as well.
Recent experience suggests that these efforts are going
to be required for a long time to come. The good news
is that the hard work is rewarding, and in the long run
it pays off in the form of a better economy and more op-
portunities for our industry to grow and prosper.
President’s Message
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ABA Government Relations Summit
April 15–17 | Washington, D.C.
Be Part
of the Solution
The 2013 ABA Government Relations
Summit is your opportunity to educate
lawmakers and regulators about the vital
role banks play in the economy. Creating
jobs. Growing businesses. Revitalizing
communities. With a new Congress in
session, it’s also time to meet with new
leadership and advocate for policy change
that supports the banking industry.
for details.
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