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January/February 2013
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owner. The appraiser’s lack of duty was evidenced by a
“short form” appraisal for lending purposes, which was
not prepared to guide the homebuyers in their purchase.
The final example did not involve a bank in the litigation,
but is still telling. An appraiser hired by a seller of vacant
land did not owe a duty to the third-party purchaser of
the property because the seller had refused to inform the
appraiser how he intended to use his report, and the report
itself stated “[t]he function of this report is to aid our cli-
ent” and it “may [not] be used for any purpose other than
its intended use.”
In sum, if the appraiser intends to supply his appraisal to
a borrower, or knows the bank intends to supply the ap-
praisal to the borrower, the appraiser may owe a duty to
the borrower. But, if the appraiser and the bank regard the
recipient’s identity as “important and material” and, the
appraiser understood that his liability was to be restricted to
the bank alone, the appraiser likely does not owe a duty to
the borrower.
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Wish you’d known 20 years ago:
Importance of com-
If you could have any other job:
Play center field for
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Will never do again:
Put work before family
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Hiking and watching my grand-
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An early lesson learned:
Never be late for a meeting. I
worked for someone early in my career and was late to
a meeting. He locked the door.
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