The Growing Times - Issue 2/Fall 2018

Fall 2018 | 5 WWW.AAPUTAH.ORG We would like to communicate with you in the best possible way! The Growing Times publication is available in print, electronic or both. If you would like to continue to receive Growing Times in hardcopy format and electronic format, you need to do nothing. If you would like to receive Growing Times in electronic format only, please scan here: Alisa Stoddard, our executive director, and Dr. Paul Wirkus, our President-Elect, are working diligently to roll out “Virtual Curbside,” a podcast to provide primary care providers access to subspecialty consultation and education programs. So…as I pass the “virtual” torch to Paul and venture through the Indian subcontinent for another advocacy mission, I find myself full of memories, thoughts and emotions. I am so very proud of our Chapter and all that we have achieved during my four years as President-Elect and President, receiving three years of recognition as a Chapter of Excellence to the remarkable increase in grant fund- ing for state and district outreach. I am deeply concerned about the perilous fights that we face as child advocates trying desperately to keep immigrant families together, pay for adequate health care, protect children from preventable diseases, and raise the standards of care for all children. I remain confident, however, that we child advocates and citizens of “the land of the free and the home of the brave” will gallantly rise up to protect our most valuable and precious gifts…our children! Thanks for a great four years and for your anticipated support during my next two years as your Legislative Director, Chuck Pruitt, MD, FAAP, President We, as pediat r icians are the exper ts and the most t rusted voice for children, and so it is our responsibility to bravely and gallantly speak out and advocate for them whenever and wherever possible!