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Today’s technology has made it very easy to be impersonal, to the point where personal contact has become an anomaly. In a world where we text, email, blog, and send instant messages through the day in 140 characters or less, anything that is personal makes a lasting impression because it is so rare.

What’s wrong with being impersonal? It is boring, forgettable, and, ultimately, ineffective. We all relate to the world by constructing stories with beginnings, middles, and endings. We use stories to explain what we experience, and we also remember those stories better than anything else. Stories help us experience the world in a tangible way that is valuable, because so much of the world of professional services and association membership seems invisible (and therefore intangible) to people.

Our minds naturally construct and remember stories, so no other strategy is as powerful — or as relevant — as telling your story often, consistently, and in as many ways as you can to the right people.

Statistics have shown that consistent, high-quality communication is the key to retaining current members, recruiting new members and renewing members who have either temporarily fallen off membership rosters or who require a visual reminder of the benefits of membership.

While most membership-driven organizations agree that communication is vital to their growth and relevance, many struggle with the heavy time and cash-flow demands that come with producing quality print and electronic pieces. Not only is communication expensive, it forces you to expend valuable resources, and doing it right requires specialized skills that can be hard to find.

We can help you because we’re a full-service marketing and communications agency that focuses specifically on content marketing. The newsLINK Group, LLC has a proven history of delivering publishing services to nonprofit organizations, professional trade associations, and professional service firms that seek to connect with their clients or members, while minimizing the time, effort and money that often go into handling all aspects of an organization’s communication strategy.

In our experience, successful associations don’t just find new members – they attract them, based on their relationships with the members they already serve. We use words to connect our clients emotionally with their clients and members. Hundreds of our clients have told their story, retained their own member base and grown from internal communication strategies in the form of newsletters, magazines, books, directories, annual reports, blogs, electronic media and other marketing strategies.

The consistent and quality communication we provide keeps members loyal to your organization. You can then direct your efforts to other areas that will improve the quality of your members’ overall experience.

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