For Whom:

[ Associations ]

The benefit of providing members with resources they value is critical since that positions the association to more easily attract new members and retain the existing ones. It is (or should be) a virtuous cycle. The association is seen as an organization that has the insights necessary to help its members become more successful. It becomes a thought leader.

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[ Nonprofits ]

Nonprofits don’t have the goal of making a profit, but they are still businesses for all that. Instead of customers, the terms are donors, sponsors, volunteers and members. Also, people being people, persuading them to work with a nonprofit requires giving them information about why that is a good idea, along with some motivation and direction.

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[ Professional Services ]

Do you still think the best way to find new clients is to rely on referrals, references, and your website? Things have changed. What happened? Marketing can help resolve the uncertainty for potential clients; it can help them persuade others about their professional competence and experience; and it can set them apart from the competition.

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[ Cities & Towns ]

Every city has something about it that makes it a wonderful place to be. Branding a city doesn’t mean creating a fantasy out of nothing. It means discovering what’s already there, emphasizing and developing strengths, and then finding a way to tell other people about those strengths in a compelling and original way.

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